Simple and advanced kits for adults and children.

Sometimes a project is easier if the hardwork of collecting together all the things you need has been done for you! Visit the Red House Quilting shop to find a gift for a loved one or a project for yourself from our wide range of ready prepared kits.

We stock a wide range of ready assembled kits for felting, cross stitch and quilting. Some kits we have assembled ourselves from favourite and popular patterns, others come highly recommended from trusted users!

Kits available in the shop (or by request):

  • Felting kits by Gillian GladragsTM
  • ClothkitsTM buttons and felt kits
  • Cross stitch kits including 'Stitchlets' and the latest 'Meerkat kit' 
  • Tapestry kits
  • Ready cut quilting kits
Felting kits in stock

If you have a special occasion in mind then we may be able to source the exact kit you require (minimum order applies) so contact us to discuss your needs.


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